Troxus Trax


The Troxus Trax is the ideal bike for commuters and city-explorers alike. With multiple different motor options and an optional suspension fork, the Trax is sure to fit whatever needs you have, and most importantly, look stylish while doing it.

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The Troxus Trax has 3 different models..
500W Motor with a 15Ah Battery
750W Motor with a 20Ah Battery
or a .. 750W Motor with a 30Ah Battery

Troxus Trax

-Aluminum Alloy Comes in 3 Frame Sizes
-Kenda® 27.5”*2.2” Tires w/ Thorn-Proof Tubes
-Tektro® Hydraulic Disc Brake
-Shimano® 8-Speed Shifting System
-Suspension and Rigid Fork Options
-Suspension Seatpost Available
-High-Capacity Rear Rack (80 pounds)
-Reflective Sidewall Tires
-Full Wrap Fenders
-Bafang® 500w or 750w Hub Drive Motor
-Samsung® 15Ah to 30Ah Battery,
-5000mAh Single Cell Capacity
-35-75 Mile Range per charge
-High-Intensity Brake Lights
-54.6V 2A to 5A Charger
-Color LCD Display
-5-Level Pedal Assist
-28 mph Max Speed

Samsung Battery

With a 48V system and up to 30Ah battery, featuring 5000mAh single cell capacity, a single charge can last up to 65 miles on pure electric power and 70+ miles with pedal assist in the 15A version. Furthermore, the battery will maintain 80% capacity after 1000 charges.

Bafang Motor

500W to 750W of peak motor power & 65 to 75 N.m/A of max motor torque.

Speed Sensor

An adaptive speed sensor determines the power output of the PAS based on the display settings. Moreover, the speed sensor offers the optimal power to initiate solid starts on slopes or rocky terrain.

Tektro Hydraulic Brakes

Tektro® HD-E350 Hydraulic brakes provide superior braking performance and durability. Furthermore, with proper maintenance, braking power remains at brand-new levels for up to 5 years.

Shimano 8-Speed Shifter

The Shimano® 8-speed gear shifting system offers you more choice while riding in a variety of conditions. Additionally, paired with the pedal-assist system, you can find the speed that suits your journey. Using this system accurately can increase the range of a single charge by up to 15%.

Suspension Seatpost

The suspension seatpost can also extend the amount of time you’re comfortable in the saddle by absorbing persistent small bumps and vibrations that come from gravel roads, double tracks, and trails. This makes it an especially compelling component for lengthy bikepacking and long-distance touring.

Additional information

Frame Color

Red, Grey, Black

Frame Style

Small, Step-Thru, Medium, Step-Thru, Large, Step-Over

Motor & Battery Size

500W 15Ah, 750W 20Ah, 750W 30Ah


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