Our Story

Inside of Dealer Bike Shop

The Beginnings

David Mullett used to ride his bike over long hills every morning arriving at work tired and sweaty. It was then that he decided to find a better way to make his commute to work without losing the freedom and savings of his bicycle. After researching a way to convert his old bike into an electric bike he found that Falco had a great kit available to do just want he needed. After he installed the new kit on his bike he found that his daily commute became a breeze and he arrived at work in half the time it took him before. David instantly became a believer in the e-bike and knew he wanted to help others experience the same freedom that he enjoyed: that’s when his small bike shop in Holmes County, Ohio was born.

Inside of E-Bikes Of Holmes County LLC

Family Owned & Operated

In 2014 David started installing Falco kits on bicycles as a side job. Later, as he became more aware of the growing need, David began servicing E-Bikes from his shop at home where he also enjoys spending quality time with his wife and daughter who help him in the bike shop.

E-Bikes showroom in Ohio

Trusted Dealer For The Top Brands

Since 2015 David created an LLC for his business becoming known throughout his community as E-Bikes of Holmes County. He also became a dealer for some of the top brands in electric bikes technology: Stromer, BH Bikes, Gazelle, Magnum, Quiet Kat, Evelo, and iGO. His shop offers service and repairs for all bikes sold by his business. Because David’s bike shop has continued to evolve as technology has become more and more advanced for electric bikes, he is able to  provide the best e-bikes and service for his community and beyond.

The Best Bikes From The Best Brands

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