Theragun Prime


This simplified smart percussive therapy device prioritizes the essential features you need while maintaining the power and effectiveness of Theragun’s deep muscle treatment. Ease discomfort, soothe tightness and tension, and recover faster in seconds.

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Theragun Prime Ergonomic Multi-Grip

Theragun Prime has a patented Theragun Triangle ergonomic handle design allows you to hold the device in a number of ways while actively reducing strain on your hands, wrists, and arms.

QuietForce Technology QX65: A powerful motor in a slim frame

Carefully engineered, the QX65 model of our proprietary brushless motor with QuietForce Technology delivers our renowned deep muscle treatment within a slim frame—and hardly any sound. And with Active Torque Control™, the Prime maintains all that power without diluting treatment speed or quality.

LED Indicators

Individual LED indicators show Theragun Prime’s 5 built-in speeds (1750, 1900, 2100, 2200 and 2,400 percussions per minute).  The Therabody App also connects to the Prime via Bluetooth to activate guided treatment routines and show the device’s current speed and force.

Theragun Prime Customizable Speed Range

The app via Bluetooth allows you to control the Theragun Prime to select any speed between our scientifically calibrated 1750-2400 PPM range.

120- Minute Battery Life

Prime offers one of our biggest leaps in battery life, with an internal Lithium-ion battery with 120 minutes of continuous use.


The key to true deep muscle treatment is a precise amplitude – essentially how fat the arm or shaft of the device extends and retracts to reach the body and deliver each percussion. The Theragun stands apart with a 16mm amplitude that reaches 60% deeper into muscle than average massagers.


Most low-amplitude, high-speed massagers rapidly vibrate and desensitize the skin. Going beyond mere vibration, the Theragun actually leaves the surface of the skin at 40 times per second, allowing it to target a localized area of the body without the brain acclimating to the stimulation.


When our founder Dr. Jason Wersland searched for a natural solution for his pain, the devices he tried didn’t get to the root of his discomfort. Thirteen versions later, the Prime delivers our unique amplitude and speed with up to 30lbs force without stalling – a powerful, potent dose for greater circulation and tension release.

What’s Included

Theragun Prime
Protective Carrying Pouch
4 Attachments
Standard Ball
Power Adapter

Theragun Prime Specifications

Speeds – 5 built-in speeds (1750, 1900, 2100, 2200, 2400 percussions per minute) and app-controlled customizable speed range (any speed between 1750-2400 percussions per minute).
Amplitude – 16 millimeters
Attachment Compatibility – All 4th Generation attachments
Accessory Compatibility – Prime Wireless Charging Stand
Dimensions – 8.9 in x 6.3 in x 2.7 in
Weight – 2.2 lbs
Battery Life and Charge Time – 120 minutes; 80 minutes
Battery Type – 12V Internal Lithium-ion Battery
Warranty – 1-Year Limited Warranty

Theragun Prime How-To Guide

Using the Prime

  1. To turn on the Prime, firmly press and hold the center button for 2 seconds on the button pad.
  2. Press the up (^) and down (v) arrows to toggle between 5 preset speeds and adjust your treatment level.
  3. The Prime should be used with the attachment making perpendicular contact with the skin. Only the attachment of the device should make contact with the skin or area you are treating. Do not use the device at an angle that puts the percussive arm of the device in contact with the skin.
  4. To turn off the Prime, firmly press and hold the center button on the button pad.

Connecting the Attachments
Align the attachment with the tip of the rotating arm and push to connect. To remove, grip the attachment, placing 1 finger on each side of the plastic connector. Pull off the attachment.

Smart App Integration

The Prime is smart device enabled with Bluetooth® connectivity, designed to pair seamlessly with the Therabody app. When you download the app, you’ll be guided through a step-by-step setup and shown how to pair your device. Once paired with your device, the app can remotely adjust speed, activate guided treatment presets, and make real-time recommendations based on your usage.
The health and activity data collected on your Therabody app stays there, period. At Therabody, we understand your health and activity data is yours and yours alone. We don’t collect, sell, or share any of your data, ever. In fact, feel free to test this by activating Airplane Mode on your phone. You’ll see that the app continues to work independently of any signal, as all of your data is stored locally on your device.

Battery and Charging

  1. After turning off the device, plug the power adapter into the charging port of the Theragun Prime.
  2. The LED battery indicator, located under the 5 LED speed indicator bars, will start flashing.
  3. When all 3 LED lights of the LED battery indicator are lit, the charging is complete.


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