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Muc-Off Hand Sanitizer Description

We’re always on the move and it’s not always easy to wash with soap and water. On a daily basis you’ll come into contact with bacteria, viruses and germs from commuting to work, working at your desk, shopping or on public transport. Here’s where our new range of anti-bac fight back hand sanitizers and sprays come to the rescue! Muc-Off Hand Sanitizer contains 80% alcohol and is made to the World Health Organization recommended formulation to keep you safe and protected. The innovative design of this product is specifically tailored to provide a rapid and highly effective solution for cleansing and safeguarding your hands, ensuring exceptional levels of cleanliness and protection.

Muc-Off Hand Sanitizer Features

  • Contains 80% alcohol
  • World Health Organization recommended formula
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Not tested on animals
  • This is a water thin formula, not gel
  • Strong alcohol smell – this stuff is tough!
  • Lovingly blended by premium gin distilleries

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