Kali Traffic 2.0 Helmet


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Kali Traffic 2.0 Helmet Description

The Traffic 2.0 is specifically designed to keep you safe and sound on any and all of your E-Bike adventures. Regardless of where you find yourself pedaling, whether it’s work, the park, the grocery store or just taking the opportunity to get a little fresh air, you should be sure to strap on your lid. And may we recommend the Traffic 2.0 to you. The Traffic 2.0 is stylish, comfortable, comes with a built-in rear blinky light to keep you visible and safe, our QuadCore Low Density Layer, and a NTA 8776 Dutch E-Bike safety rating. Pull on the Traffic and get outdoors. Micro USB sold separately.

Kali Traffic 2.0 Helmet Features

  • Composite fusion in-molding technology merging the shell and EPS foam liner
  • Biodome recycled EPS, water based paint, recycled straps with unbleached pads
  • Anti-microbial pads, washable comfort pads
  • Snap-fit removable cloth visor
  • Locking buckle and sliders
  • Reflective straps
  • Dial-fit system
  • Features 17 vents
  • QuadCore LDL
  • Unibody construction
  • USB Rechargeable rear light
  • Weight: 345 g / 12.2 oz
Comprehensive Protection Strategy

In helmet design, we account for all crash scenarios, including twists, rotations, sideways impacts, and unforeseeable accidents. We account for impacts of all shapes and sizes. Kali is uninterested in incorporating technology into helmets for mere marketing or trendy appeal, avoiding buzzwords saturating the industry. Our strategy is to constantly be rethinking, reworking, and testing to make sure our helmets keep your brain as safe as possible as well as stay up with the latest style trends. The goal is to create the safest helmets on the market, so you have peace of mind while out on your favorite roads, trails, and jumps. We strive to keep pushing the envelope with the best designs and materials and to implement useful protection into all of our helmets regardless of their intended use or price-point.

Lifetime Crash Replacement

You crash it. We replace it. It’s that simple. We don’t do this as a marketing stunt or because we have lost our minds. We do this because what we learn from crashed helmets informs everything we do. You will have to return your crashed helmets so we can take them back into our lab to cut them open, measure them, and dissect them. We then use the information we gather from the unlucky few who test our helmets in ways we cannot recreate to build the next generation of Kali helmets. Of course, we prefer you never have to use the Lifetime Crash Replacement policy and suggest you replace your Kali helmets at respectable intervals. Let us reiterate once again, please leave the testing to us.

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