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Our Gup Sealant & Inflator canisters include a latex-based formula which can simultaneously inflate and seal most common punctures quickly. Gup Sealant works with tubes, tubeless, and tubular tires. Proven to seal up to a 6mm puncture on tubeless tires, getting you back in the saddle faster.  Enough pressure to seat a tubeless tire onto a rim–an enduro racers dream come true.   Fills a 29 x 2.4 MTB tire up to about 29psi. Weight:  4.3 ounces / 122 grams

1. Grit Free Top cap ensures that the speed adapter will be clean upon use.

2. Speed Adapter Presta valve specific top to get you rolling faster.

3. The Goods Foaming latex-based formula which settles into liquid form.

4. Packs a Punch! Our 125ml canister is capable of filling, sealing, and even seating a 29” MTB tire.

5. Easy to Use Infographic instructions ensure that anyone can fix a flat within seconds!

6. Leave No Trace Please remember to recycle and always take your canister back with you.

GUP is a great way to stay out of a pinch!

Gup Sealant & Inflator Reviews

I bought this after a friend flatted out on a group MTB ride. He had tubeless tires. We installed a tube, which immediately sprung a leak. Either he pinched the tube during installation, or he missed removing a thorn. One guy offered up his GUP. It only sorta worked at first. Deflated (pun intended), he decided to walk back to the car and the rest of us went on with the ride. An hour later he caught up to us. He said he walked a ways, then tried pumping more air into the tire. This time it held, so he chased us down. “What could go wrong?” he says… Like any tire repair in the field, this stuff might work, and it might not. But anything is worth a try when you’re stuck on the side of the trail.


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