How fast can an E-Bike go?

E-bikes have power limitations of 20 mph, keeping you in the same category as a regular bicycle, class 3 high speed pedal-electric bikes are also available topping out at 28mph but must be activated using pedal assist only. Speeds above these limitations can be reached but entirely on your own power.


How far can an E-Bike go?

The total distance you can travel on your electric bike is not an easy amount to specify. The range depends on many different factors including, but not limited to:

  • Total Weight (weight of the bike + rider + cargo)
  • Resistance (wind, tire pressure, speed, road conditions and altitude)
  • Outside Temperature
  • The level of pedal assistance and throttle usage
  • The condition of the battery (battery capacity decreases as the battery ages)


How long does it take to charge the battery?

It can take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours to charge the battery using a normal AC outlet in your home or garage.


Can I charge the battery by pedaling?

No, a few models do offer regenerative braking, this can be activated when riding faster than motor assist or riding downhill. Kinda like an engine brake but also puts a charge back into battery.


Throttle or Pedal Assist: which is best?

Throttle can be used when no pedaling is desired but longer battery life can be achieved with pedal assist.


What warranty is offered if any?

Warranty varies with each manufacturer ranging from 1 – 5 year. E-Bikes of Holmes County likes to partner with companies that offer a great product as well as technical support.