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Are you new to Ohio’s bike trails or looking for a change in scenery when you go cycling? There are plenty of other great locations in Ohio to take your bike. Whether you are an advanced mountain biker or if this is your first ride, these paths are sure to make any sunny day even better.

Holmes County Trail

A well-known trail among the locals, this bike trail was originally designed for Amish buggies to go through Wayne and Holmes County. There are multiple entry and exit points to the trail, making it easy to stop for food, rest, or even to sight-see. The full length of this asphalt trail is 23.1 miles. The path is very flat, well shaded, and shared amongst bikers, horseback riders, buggies, hikers, and is even sectioned for wheelchairs.

Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail (New Philadelphia)

This trail is perfect for beginners and children. If you want a new location not too far from Holmes County, New Philadelphia’s Towpath Trail runs from Tuscarawas County to Cuyahoga County and Lake Erie. It is one of the longest Ohio trails with over 50 miles of flat terrain, great views, and filled with the history of Ohio and Erie canal system.

Metroparks Bikeway (Canfield)

Canfield Township metro park has beautiful scenery and landmarks and is another great beginner trail. It is perfect for leisurely day hikes or bike rides and runs about 11 miles long. It spans from Canfield Township to the Mahoning County/Trumbull County Line.

Olentangy River Greenway (Columbus)

Great for beginners and advanced riders. The span of the trail is from Columbus to Worthington, Ohio and travels past many important places of history and culture. It runs along the Olentangy River and through the Park of Roses in Clintonville.

Ohio to Erie Trail (Cleveland)

This path is great for the advanced rider and mountain biker. If you are looking to challenge yourself this 262-mile trail spans from Cleveland to Cincinnati. From Holmes County, you will enter Knox County and encounter the Bridge of Dreams: it is Ohio’s second-longest covered bridge and quite the trail experience. The Mohican Valley Trail includes this bridge and some breathtaking vistas before its end in Danville.

Hampton Hills Tour (Cuyahoga Falls)

This trail is perfect for intermediate mountain bikers and offers something rare: these bike-specific trails are closed to foot traffic. This trail is great for improving your skills with its fast trails, tough climbs, tight turns, water crossings, switchbacks, and banked bridges. Overall, this is a well-maintained trail that will test your endurance and your guts as you fly down some fast descents.

As warmer weather is making its way back into Ohio, many of us are itching to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. We encourage you to visit the bike trails of Ohio, or even the trails nearest to your home, to exert energy or spend time with family and friends.


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