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Any cyclist knows the importance of bicycle safety.  Whether you’re riding a mountain bike through steep and rocky terrain or you’re using your electric bike to commute to the grocery store, there are plenty of safety features that can give you greater control and help you communicate with people on the road.  We’ll go over a few of the best tools, technology, and accessories that you can easily add to your bike to enhance safety.

Bike Lights

Bike lights are obviously one of the most important safety features you’ll need for both traditional and electric bicycles.  But bike lights come in all shapes, sizes, and functions, and some of them can offer you enhanced vision and safety.  Bike lights that attach to the wheels can be a great way to make your bike even more visible to cars at night.  A bright LED front-facing light will also ensure you spot any potholes or other potential dangers on the road.

Bike Grips

Slippery handles can lead to accidental wipeouts on the road, especially if you’re riding on roads with rocky terrain or lots of twists and turns.  You can buy attachable bike grips to help cushion your hands and improve your grip on the bike.  These will give you greater control when maneuvering the bike through turns.  Some bike grips even come with built-in LED turn signals, further enhancing the safety of your ride by alerting drivers of impending turns.

Cycling Gloves

Another easy way to improve your grip and control is with a pair of cycling gloves.  If you like to ride during the hot summer days, you might find your hands getting sweaty and potentially causing you to slip.  A pair of cycling gloves will keep your grip strong throughout the ride.  They will also help absorb some of the shock from the road in addition to protecting your hands in the event that you fall off your bike.

Bicycle Horn

With all of the distracted drivers out there, sometimes you need more than just lighting in order to get the attention of drivers and other cyclists.  Buying an attachable bicycle horn can help you alert drivers to your presence in emergency situations and help you avoid collisions.  You can buy loud bicycle horns that reach over 100 decibels, which will penetrate the windows of a car and get the driver’s attention.

Bicycle Basket

One excellent safety feature that you may not have considered is a basket for your bicycle.  Many people use their electric bikes for commuting or running errands, in which case they’ll need a way to carry their items without making their ride less stable.  A bicycle basket can attach to either the front or the back of your bike, holding your groceries or gear and allowing you to concentrate on the road ahead of you.  If you’re planning on hauling heavy items, you’ll want to get a rear basket, as this will prevent the weight from impeding your steering.


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