Whether you choose an e-bike with throttle mode or one with pedal assist, you’ll enjoy the ease and thrill of riding an electric bicycle. But what exactly is the difference between these two types of e-bikes? We’ll go over everything you need to know about throttle and pedal assist and how they give you a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Throttle Mode

If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle or a scooter, then you’re used to using a throttle. You can engage the throttle mode for your e-bike to propel the bike forward regardless of whether or not you’re pedaling.

Types Of Throttle

The half grip twist throttle is the most common type of throttle for an e-bike. This style of throttle needs to be twisted in order to engage, and is similar to what you’d use on a scooter or motorcycle. A thumb throttle looks like a little paddle or a button, and you engage it by pushing it with your thumb.

A push button throttle works similarly, but doesn’t allow you to vary how much power you’re applying. With a push button throttle, you simply press a button to turn on the throttle mode.

Pedal Assist Mode

E-bikes with pedal assist are also known as pedelecs. Pedal assist mode will only work while you’re pedaling the bike, so this kind of e-bike requires a bit more engagement in order to work. Many people prefer e-bikes with pedal assist because it feels more like riding a regular bicycle.

Pedal assist mode doesn’t require you to focus on your hands as well as your feet the way that throttle mode does. This allows you to just concentrate on pedaling the e-bike and may feel safer for some people.

Levels Of Pedal Assist

Pedal mode for an e-bike usually offers multiple assist settings that determine how much pedal power you get. Many e-bikes come with 3-5 pedal assist settings. Lower settings will give you a harder workout, while higher settings will basically do most of the work for you. This can give you a nice flexibility to decide whether or not you feel like biking hard.

Types Of Pedal Assist

Just as there are different types of throttle, there are also different types of pedal assist. Torque sensor pedal assist e-bikes will regulate the flow of power based on how hard you’re pedaling. This can allow you to set the pace and maintain a nice, consistent speed. Cadence sensor pedal assist e-bikes will continue to provide the same assistance level regardless of how fast you pedal.

Choosing Between The Two Modes

Choosing the best e-bike will often depend on whether or not you prefer throttle or pedal assist mode. If you’re using an e-bike because you can’t safely ride a traditional bicycle, throttle mode will allow you to ride without worrying about pedaling. If you’d prefer something that provides more of a workout, then a pedal assist e-bike will be what you’re looking for.