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Inno 2 Bike Rack Features

  • E-bike capability (Each tray carry up to 60 lbs.)
  • Carrier secures bike without touching bike frame or forks
  • Good for carbon frames, large size fork and 27.5 semi fat bikes
  • Fits 1 1/4″ and 2″ receivers with an adapter (included)
  • Foldable trays when not in use and Trays tilt down to allow access trunk with a lever
  • Includes lock, keys, and security cables for both bike hitch and bikes

Tech Spec

  • Capacity – 2 bike
  • Limited Life Time Warranty

What is INNO Racks?

The innovative car racks for sports enthusiasts

The breadth of our premium quality car rack and cargo systems is the result of decades of industry experience within the automotive accessory and rack business.

Where did we begin from?

Founded in 1966 by Takaaki Murata, the inventor of the car seat headrest, Car Mate is one of the largest manufacturers of automotive accessories in Japan. The company’s car rack division was launched in 1976.

Inno 2 Bike Rack Reviews

We just got 2 new ebikes 24 inch and they fit perfectly. – Debbie Penniman

Great rack for MTB and Fat Bikes. Purchased elsewhere but verry happy with this rack. As good if not better than other manufacturers. – Marcin B

The INNO INH120 is a tray style bike rack, making it ideal for expensive carbon bikes. The rack uses arms to hold down the wheels and not the frame of the bike, keeping your paint from getting scratched up. The bike rack works with either a 1-¼” or 2” receiver. My truck is a heavy-duty and comes with the 2-½: receiver. I used an adapter and the bike rack worked just fine.

The INH120 bike rack can hold two bikes with a maximum total weight of 120 lbs. The bike rack fits bikes with wheel bases from 34” to 48”, so it works with kids and adult sized bikes. The bike needs to have a minimum of 20” wheels to a maximum of 29” wheels to be held down properly. Tires sizes from 18c to 3” wide fit in the trays. This covers almost all bikes and makes it very handy to use with the family.

Review Continued..

The rack comes neatly packed and requires some assembly. The assembly is straightforward and only took about 30 minutes, even while trying to film the process for a video. Spare parts are available from INNO if something were to break. The rack felt very sturdy and well built and felt comparable to other racks I’ve used from Thule and Yakima.

Once put together I tested out the INH120 bike rack with my fatbike that is running 29+ sized tires. The 29” wheels are 3” wide and fit nicely into the tray of the rack. I did remove the plastic adjustable wheel clamps on the arm of the rack. This allowed me to have the arms more vertical and provided a better hold on my large tires. These plastic wheel clamps are what you move inside the arms to adjust for different size bike wheels. It only takes a second to unclip the clamps are adjust for different bikes.

What is also nice is the bike rack has 4 different positions it can tilt, allowing easy access into the back of your vehicle. One of the positions is vertical so you can keep it on the vehicle while not in use, but not have it hanging off the back and making your vehicle longer.

The INH120 bike rack also included a cable to lock the rack to your vehicle. This cable can be used to loop through the frame of your bike to lock it to the rack as well. I require this feature on a bike rack because all too often bikes are stolen when you make a quick stop for food or to run into a store.


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