Cloud 9 Comfort Airflow Saddle


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ULTIMATE COMFORT: Our multi-stage memory foam seats are ergonomic, supple, and evenly distribute your body weight so that your comfort is never compromised.
DURABLE: Each Cloud-9 model sports a rigorously a tested covering that’ll last countless rides. Additionally, this saddle is waterproof for all-weather riding. Join that with tough protective bumpers and you have a sturdy, quality seat that will hold up to years of use.
ANTI FATIGUE: Don’t let rough pavement or bumpy roads deter you from hopping on your bike! Our seats have steel rails which excel in absorbing road vibrations that cause discomfort. They may seem like a minor feature, but we chose them to keep you riding longer and happier.
COMFORT CHANNEL: If you’ve ever experienced pain or numbness in your lower legs, feet, or toes during or after riding your bike, it’s usually attributed to your seat. Cloud-9 provides anatomic relief to your sciatic and perineum nerves. This saddle utilizes an expertly placed channel to alleviate the discomfort in those areas commonly affected while riding
TRUSTED CLOUD-9 BRAND that stands for quality and durability


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