Burley Baby Snuggler


Soft and Snuggly. The Baby Snuggler™ keeps your littlest traveler secure when jogging or strolling.

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Enjoy strolling or jogging with your little one, knowing they’re secure and cozy with the Burley Baby Snuggler. Thick padded sides and lumbar support keep babies upright while the soft lining ensures they’re as comfortable as they are safe. Soft and Snuggly. The Burley Baby Snuggler keeps your littlest traveler secure when jogging or strolling.

The Burley Baby Snuggler is recommended for children 3-12 months of age.

Machine washable
Thick side padding for comfort and support
All materials are phthalate-free
Compatible with all child trailers that have a 5-point safety harness.

You’ll Love – 

  • Thick padded sides and lumbar support keep little ones secure 
  • Machine washable for easy clean up 
  • Cozy sides provide support while a mesh bottom makes cleaning simple 
  • Phthalate-free materials 

Burley Baby Snuggler Ages & Sizes

Recommended age: 3 – 12 months
Approximate height: 25” – 31”
Approximate weight: 15 – 21 lbs
Recommended use: please consult your pediatrician before using this product
< 6 mo: Snuggler should be used for strolling only. > 6 mo: Snuggler may be used for jogging or strolling in a Burley trailer or stroller if your child is able to sit upright unattended.
> 12 mo: Snuggler may be used for towing your child behind your bicycle if your child may sit upright unattended while wearing a bicycle helmet.
Warning: each child’s development is unique, so it is important to verify with your pediatrician that your child is ready to participate in these activities.

So you had a baby and they can’t ride in a bike trailer yet. Burley Baby Snuggler to the rescue! This allows you to get out of the house with a tiny baby. You can transform your Burley trailer into the perfect vehicle for daily rides for babies as young as 3 month old. Most Burleys can also be a stroller and this can be used for your daily walks! Check out our Burley accessories and carts! Burley has been a trusted brand for child transportation for many years now.


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