Any experienced rider knows the importance of a comfortable ride.  A pleasant cycle can easily turn into a grueling and unsafe ride without the right seatpost.  But although there are many seatposts on the market that claim a more comfortable and safer ride, Kinekt Seatposts stand out as one of the best.  Not only are Kinekt Seatposts easily customizable for greater comfort, but they also provide more vertical travel for better control of your bike.

Here are the top reasons why Kinekt Seatposts are a good choice:

They Give You A Much Smoother Ride

Kinekt Seatposts are primarily designed to give you a smoother ride.  With adjustable springs that match your weight and riding style, Kinekt Seatposts help isolate you from the bumps and vibrations that occur on rough terrain.  Unlike some seatposts, these don’t affect seat height, allowing you to maintain better connection with your bike.

They Come In Different Sizes And Styles

Kinekt Seatposts come in two different styles: lightweight alloy and superlight carbon.  They are also available in a variety of different lengths and sizes according to the weight of the rider and the type of bike.  Each of the different sizes is designed to provide the best fit to both the rider and the bike, making you more comfortable and less tired during your ride.

They’re Customizable

While Kinekt Seatposts come in different sizes and lengths for a better fit, they also come with spring swaps and tunable pre-load for further customization.  With these micro adjustments, you’ll be able to ensure the smoothest ride possible out of your Kinekt Seatpost.  They even come with quick pre-load adjustments that allow you to quickly adjust the seatpost when riding on a new bike or rougher terrain.  These adjustments don’t affect seat height, either, which is important when adjusting mid-ride.

They Have More Vertical Travel

Kinekt Seatposts have 100% vertical travel, much more than other suspension seatposts.  This is important because it restricts the amount of back-and-forth movement, keeping you directly above the pedals and in better control of the bike.  Vertical compliance gives you better traction and improves your safety when riding on slippery or uneven terrain.

A well-fitting seatpost can help extend your ride by reducing vibrations, improving your comfort, and giving you better control.  Not all seatposts are made equal, however, which is why Kinekt Seatposts stand out from the crowd.  With affordable prices and quick customization, Kinekt Seatposts are the perfect seatposts for any cyclist.


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