Folding bikes have had quite the history since their recognized existence in the 1800s, but they have been steadily increasing in popularity in recent years. Now available in the form of an e-bike, their appearance has changed quite a bit as well. The most notable change is the smaller tires. Considering how the size of our vehicles’ trunks have also decreased with current minimalistic modern trends, folding bikes are a great solution for anyone who does not have a truck bed or bike rack. Here at E-bikes of Holmes County we sell a variety of foldable electric bikes to meet your preferences:

Magnum – The folding bike with the most options

Our shop carries over 6 variations of Magnum’s foldable bikes. We sell low-step and high-step versions of the:

  • Premium & Premium II – Bike weight = 55 lbs.
  • Classic and Classic II – Bike weight = 48lbs.

The difference between the first and second generation of a model is the second generation’s upgraded motor or battery. Each of these models comes in a white or black frame and can carry a max load of 242 lbs. Plus, this nifty bicycle can reach top speeds of 25 mph, with a 25–55-mile range depending on the terrain you are traveling. The magnum foldable bike packs away nicely as it measures 33”L 14”W x 33”H when folded. If you are interested in this brand, you can view all the variations on our Folding E-Bikes page.

QuietKat Voyager – The heavy-duty bike

The Voyager is the ultimate portable model of an all-terrain electric bike. Overall, the bike is a high-step body with 20”x4” fat tires. This e-bike can carry the most weight out of all our folding bikes. The max load for the Voyager is 325 lbs., however, this causes the bike’s body to be the heaviest of our folding bikes at 60 lbs.

The Voyager comes with our performance level component package that includes:

  • Coil sprung 100 millimeters suspension fork
  • Two-piston mechanical disc brakes with 203e millimeter rotors

It can reach a top unassisted speed of 25 mph, and when folded measures 40”L x 16”W x 34”H. You find more details about the QuietKat Voyager here.

iGO Outland Royal – Classy and well-rounded

“Multi-purpose” best describes the iGO folding e-bike. It is an all-weather electric fat-tire bike that can travel paved roads, dirt paths, and be your method of running errands. Accessories included with your purchase of a Royal are:

  • Kickstand and Wellgo Folding Pedals
  • Front & rear LED Lights and fenders.
  • Rear cargo rack
  • In-frame cable routing
  • Tool kit

It weighs approximately 51 lbs., and can carry a max load of 250 lbs. This bike is a bit slower than the previous two with a max assisted speed of 20 mph., but it does have an on-demand Twist & Go throttle and has a 37-mile range. The Outland Royal stores easily in a standard car trunk or RV with a foldable handlebar and overall dimensions of 35.4”L x 19.6”W x 29.5”H. Read more details on the iGO Outland Royal here.

Gocycle GX Folding Bike – Modern and light

Sleek and quick to fold, the Gocycle provides easy urban commuting and storage. All its cables and wires are integrated to make the design clean and modern. Plus, this e-bike weighs only 38.4 lbs. and can still carry a max load of 220 lbs. The top electric drive speed for this bike is 20 mph with multiple riding modes, and it can reach up to a 40-mile range. That is farther than any of our other folding bikes. The GX’s charging time is only 7 hours max, and can be sped up to 4 hours with an optional fast charger. This bike can be with the kickstand down to offer varying stowable dimensions:

  • Kickstand down with pedals folded – 32.7”L x 15.3”W x 29.5”H
  • Kickstand up with pedals folded – 34.6”L x 15.3”W x 24.2”H

This brand is one of our latest additions to our folding bike selection and we are excited for all its technological advancements. You can read more and purchase the Gocycle GX here.


Ultimately, purchasing a folding bike boils down to your budget, the kind of terrain you will be riding on, and the measurements of your storage for the bike. You can compare all the information above and more when you visit our Folding E-Bikes page. Happy shopping!


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