With more and more people looking for alternative transportation to replace their daily commute, e-bikes and electric scooters have both presented themselves as popular means of getting from point A to point B. If you’re considering investing in a personal electric vehicle, you may be wondering what the major differences are between the two. We’ll go over how e-bikes and electric scooters compare in terms of fitness, speed, comfort, cost, and safety in order to help you decide which one is right for you.


If you want your transportation to also give you a decent amount of exercise throughout the day, then you’ll want to choose an e-bike.  E-bikes offer you the option of assisting your ride however much you choose, allowing you to rely mostly on the bike to do the work if you’re tired or unable to heavily exert yourself in a safe way.  But they also allow you to do most of the work yourself if you choose, riding it more like a normal bike and only making use of the assist when you need it.  This is a great choice for people who are looking to add a little more fitness to their life during their daily commute


Most e-bikes go faster than most lightweight electric scooters when riding at their top speed.  The top speed for most electric scooters is usually around 22 mph, whereas e-bikes can usually go over 30 mph.  If you’re looking for something to replace your daily commute or to go around town running errands, then an e-bike is going to get the job done faster.  They also have larger batteries and longer ranges, meaning you don’t need to stop and charge them quite as often.


Comfort is not to be underestimated when choosing between the two personal electric vehicles.  E-bikes are usually more comfortable in that they make use of full or partial suspension systems.  These can give you a more comfortable ride regardless of bumpy or pothole-filled terrain.  They also allow you to sit down while you ride, whereas electric scooters require you to stand the entire time.  You can also buy an e-bike with a large rack or extra seating to accommodate groceries, bags, or fellow passengers.


Most e-bikes are going to cost a little bit more than electric scooters, with the price of a high-end electric scooter matching that of a low-end electric bike.  However, if you’re looking to haul anything using your e-bike or electric scooter, then electric scooters are usually not the safest choice.  It may be worth it to invest a little extra in an e-bike that can be safely used for transportation, fitness, and running errands.  E-bikes are also safer in that their wheels are larger, which means they’re less affected by potholes or debris and they offer you better traction.  Their heavier frames also offer more stability and make you more visible to cars on the road.

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