Are you still on the fence about exchanging your traditional bicycle for an e-bike? Choosing an electric bike that fits your lifestyle may seem tricky if you are unfamiliar with the different features in each bike. Rest assured, the decision does not need to be daunting. Here are some tips and things to consider while you look for the e-bike that is perfect for you.

Components of an e-bike

Many confuse the capabilities of an e-bike with that of a motorcycle or scooter. It is important to note that the pedals must be used in order for the motor to assist the rider. You can control how much extra power you get with handlebars and you can turn off the motor, too. The less power you use, the less charge will be needed for your bike’s battery and you will get more exercise. Most charge times for an e-bike come close to 6 hours. However, the range of each bike is very dependent on it’s weight and power usage.

Where do you ride?

E-bikes are recognized as great forms of transportation through cities and towns. The acceleration and ability to brake is well suited for a commute full of traffic lights. It should be mentioned that there are some areas that do not permit the use of an e-bike on a bike path, lane, or street. Thus, it may be wise to look into the travel guidelines within your location before you purchase an e-bike.

You’ll want to consider the terrain you will be traveling. Will you cross hills and rough paths, or will you mostly enjoy rides along smooth and flat stretches of pavement? Mountain e-bikes have been growing in popularity lately. We even have a few models that are designed to handle nature trails.

Should you convert your existing bicycle into an e-bike?

If you are a “Do-It-Yourself” kind of person, this more cost effective option may be the more appealing option. Now, you can keep the bike you love instead of buying a completely different bike. Many conversion kits come with a battery, motor and a complete rear wheel, electric brake levers, a throttle, sensors, as well as a manual with instructions for installation. It is important to know what kind of wheel size you have before purchasing just any kit. Our conversion kit is available in 3 different wheel sizes. It is a patented German engineered electrical system to minimize maintenance and service costs. Want to look at our available options? Take a look at our kits.


If you decide to buy an electric bike, be sure to regularly check your bolts, tire pressure, brake pads, and battery to save you on repair costs. Cleaning your bike and lubricating the chain aids the longevity of your e-bike as well. Be sure to use a wet rag or low-pressure stream of water. This way you can avoid compromising the protection around the electrical components of your bike. It is always wise to have inspection one or twice a year. We service bikes at both of our locations.

Bike storage

If you experience cold and wet seasons, it is important to store your electric bike in a warm and dry place. Ultimately, this is a necessary precaution for both the battery and the bike’s frame. If you have only a small area to store you e-bike, you may want to consider purchasing a foldable e-bike. We have a handful of various brands and models that are suitable for different terrains and travel storage. You can read more about those options here.

Find a trusted E-bike shop near you

The best way to discover the perfect electric bike is to visit the shops near you. At our current locations, we have a showroom filled with the latest and greatest models and all of our staff is readily available to help you when you want it. You can rent or test ride bikes at our stores to get an even more hands-on experience. Our goal is to make your shopping experience enjoyable and informative. If you’d like to view our online selection, we have plenty of products available.