E-bikes are a growing viable transportation option for people around the world looking to reduce car congestion, greenhouse gas emissions, and pollutions for future generations. Using an electric battery as the source of bike power, e-bikes can transport you around cities (and rougher terrains) with an effortless ease that will make you wonder why you hadn’t considered this green power source sooner.

Of course, with everything related to transportation and new technology, there are some things you should know ahead of time before you dive into the world of e-bikes.

Here are 5 things to consider before buying an e-bike:

1. How aggressively does it drive? As of right now, e-bikes have power limitations of 20mph, keeping them in the same category as a regular bicycle. There are also class 3 high speed pedal electric bikes, topping out at 28mph. If you want to go faster than that, you will have to create the battery/mechanism on your own.

2. What are the local laws where I live? Every state has a different policy towards e-bikes, which is why you need to check the local laws in your residency. For example, in New York State, riders need to register the e-bike as they would a motorcycle, moped, or car.

3. Will I be using it for city or off road driving? Electric bikes are made for both pavement explorations through cities, as well as off road adventures. There are certain e-bikes that have been made with a wattage that can withstand harder and more complex terrains, as well as different speeds that can help the bike get over hills, etc. It’s important to ask yourself the primary usage of the e-bike before you decide on a model.

4. How far will it need to go? The distance at which your e-bike can travel is called its “range.” The range is dependent upon the battery power and what it can sustain before needing a charge again. If you have a commute that involves a big hill, you don’t want your e-bike to give out halfway through the journey. Therefore, learn more about the battery capacity, speed, your weight, and your typical terrain when deciding on a final purchase. For more details on an e-bike range see our Frequently Asked Questions

5. Can I charge my e-bike on the go? Although you cannot charge the e-bike while it is in motion, you can capitalize from regenerative braking. This can be activated when riding faster than motor assist or riding downhill. It puts charge back into the battery so you can extend the effectiveness of the e-bike range.

Should I Buy an E-Bike?
At the end of the day, the convenience, ecofriendly composition, and agile performance of e-bikes is something everyone can consider in their daily lives. Not only are they quick and efficient, but they are also environmentally friendly. Do your due diligence to answer these questions ahead of time so you know exactly what you want to buy when you work with us here at E-Bikes of Holmes County LLC.



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